Token Allocation Summary

The total supply of KYOTOCOIN is 2,000,000,000 KYO tokens. The distribution of the tokens and its conditions are as shown.

The Treasury-Reserve has a lock-up period of five years with quarterly vesting periods. Both the Stakeholders and Ecosystem Partners have a lock-up period of 3 years with quarterly vesting periods.

KYOTOCOINS that are locked-up and not yet vested will not participate in the share of the 2% transaction tax for token owners. KYO tokens held by the Treasury LP will only start sharing the 2% transaction tax when it has been transferred to liquidity pools in KYOTO DEX (or in any other DEXes where KYO is listed), and when it has been distributed as rewards on CARBON STAKE, as is the case for Treasury-Reserves.

Funds Allocation Summary

45% of the token sales proceeds will be used to provide:

Added liquidity to the KYOTOCOIN liquidity pools in other exchanges where it is listed against BNB (Binance Coin)
Funding for the purchase of carbon credits to fractionalise and tokenise into KYOC NFTs
Any initial liquidity to KYOTO DEX liquidity pools

To ensure the continuing expansion and smooth operation of the company, 30% of the sales proceeds will be allocated for KYOTO NETWORK’s working capital needs.

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