Once you’ve purchased KyotoCoin you have three options:

BUY KyotoCarbon on the Digitorize platform and offset your carbon emissions

With KyotoCarbon, you can effortlessly eliminate the carbon footprint of your air travel, your business, your event, your car, and anything else that leaves behind a carbon footprint. If you use KyotoCarbon to offset your emissions (instructions on how to request your token is redeemed for offset – once available), you will receive an offset certificate to confirm and validate your offset.

HOLD your KyotoCoin or KyotoCarbon as an investment

Due to the increasingly urgent need to combat climate change, carbon credits have already increased in value by over 60% compared to 2020. If the value of carbon credits continues to increase as it is predicted to, so will the value of KyotoCoin and KyotoCarbon. This way, you can sell or trade your KyotoCoin or KyotoCarbon for a profit in the future. In the meantime, everyone who owns KyotoCoin receives a 2% share of the transaction fee from every KyotoCoin transaction. https://carboncredits.com/carbon-prices-today/

STAKE your KyotoCoin in Carbon Stake

If you stake your KyotoCoin in the Carbon Stake, you’ll earn an additional 10% share of all transaction fees earned by The Kyoto Network. Once you take your KyotoCoin out of the Carbon Stake, you can hold it, sell it, trade it, or use it to buy KyotoCarbon and offset your emissions.

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