The Kyoto Network is a comprehensive and decentralized ecosystem for the worldwide carbon credit industry. Being a DeFi project, the initial components of this ecosystem will comprise of:

A BEP-20 system token with frictionless staking, liquidity, charity & carbon offset mechanism

A network agnostic token backed by carbon credit, which can be issued as tokens or NFTs

A token factory that converts any BEP-20 tokens into carbon neutral tokens

A decentralized exchange or DEX exclusively for carbon credit backed tokens and the carbon neutral tokens

A staking pool that rewards KyotoCoin depositors with a share of the ecosystem revenues

We foresee that the potential users of the KYOTO Network will not only include industry & individual carbon emitters, but also crypto issuers & investors, and NFT issuers & collectors who want to contribute to the global fight against climate change by reducing or eliminating their carbon footprint.

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